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Elizabritz is a music duo composed of singer Rachael Eff and producer Carter Britz from Los Angeles. While studying at UC Berkeley they met and shared a passion for creating music as an outlet in a high stakes academic environment. When their peers graduated and went off to become doctors and lawyers, Rachael Eff and Carter Britz moved to LA and worked odd jobs during the day in order to fill their nights creating soulful, electronic music. Recently Elizabritz has released a new set of songs that embodies their soul and electronic influences. Their debut EP ‘Westside Lover’ is out NOW.

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“Eff’s presentation of this topic, her evolving sense of emotion, and indeed the additional vocals that strengthen certain moments in a choir-like fashion – all of this underlines the song’s inherently real approach to expression in a powerful way. The song feels fresh but it also has some classic traits that bring a dash of nostalgia to the stage. Is This Love? is an easy hit – hopefully there are plenty more to come.”

- Rebecca Cullen (Stereo Stickman), 9/9/18

“If you are into soulful/R&B music with a sensual and laid-back electronic elements then you'll love this one. Rachael's rich and soulful vocals add an emotional depth to this groovy and sultry love song”

- Caesarlivenloud, 9/6/18

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“Rising LA-based duo, Elizabritz, offer a charming take on future bass and R&B that is equal parts melodic and bass heavy.”

- Corey Johnston (Dancing Astronaut), 4/6/2017

“Rachael’s passionate vocals and Fantom’s funky electro-soul sounds are a perfect recipe for modern day R&B.”

- Salacious Sound, 3/3/17

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